Lucy Goffin and Barbara Kennington


EXHIBITION ALERT: 11-14 October 2018 at Bury Court Barn, Bentley, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5LZ –

Material Being brings together a unique combination of textile experience.  Lucy Goffin and Barbara Kennington began working together in 2015, deciding to pool their resources to complete the commission of a unique waistcoat, a contemporary interpretation of the richly embroidered 18th c waistcoat held in the V&A Archives which inspired Beatrix Potter’s illustrations for The Tailor of Gloucester.

This new venture conceived by Goffin and Kennington recognises the desire to find, buy and wear unique and individual garments that directly connect the wearer and the makers.  Items that bring together contemporary hand stitching, garment design and construction – heritage items that will withstand the pressure of time and fashion.

Goffin’s background is embedded in textile creation, her personal and commissioned work constructed by piecing together textured fabrics, richly coloured or understated and subtle. With a strong sculptural interest and a sense of intricate detail, stitched, layered and applied methods are used throughout her work.

Kennington trained in fashion design at the Royal College of Art and has enjoyed a successful career in the international clothing industry, tracking colour, fabric and styling trends.  More recently she has created a body of work that explores stitched and abstracted mark making translated onto both paper and material, also working with the constructed form to create both wearable and textile pieces.