A105 Scheme

Here you’ll find updates on work along the route as it progresses.

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Minimising disruption

We know construction can be disruptive. While there are times when it’s unavoidable, we’re working to make the process more manageable.

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Help with enquiries

To help with questions about construction, Rilwan Jacobs has been appointed Public Liaison Officer by our contractors. You can email him at cyclenfield@ringwayjacobs.com

Ongoing work

Borden Ave to Walnut Grove

The brick planter will be built soon. The crossing by Regency Court has been installed and is waiting to be connected.

Station Rd / Ford’s Grove roundabout

One brick planter is complete and the other is nearly finished. Tree pits have been dug and are ready for planting in the autumn.

Lodge Drive to Osborne Rd

Multi-phase traffic lights are in use from 09.30am to 3.30pm at Fox Lane junction. New cycle lanes, footways and a safety island are being installed, and electrical work carried out. Hazelwood Lane will be closed for a week and Park Avenue for the following two weeks to enable drainage to be installed (dates tbc).

Planned work

Bourne Hill junction with Hedge Lane

between early July and late September

Oakthorpe Rd to Aldermans Hill

between mid June and late July

Palmerston Crescent

between mid July and mid August

“ I cycle from Gilston in Hertfordshire to Mollison Avenue: 20 miles each way. ”

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