Construction update

Here you can find updates on work currently taking place.

Minimising disruption

We know construction can be disruptive. While there are times when it’s unavoidable, we’re working to make the process more manageable.

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Help with enquiries

To help with questions about construction, you can email us at

Ongoing work

A105 - Green Lanes

Most work is now substantively complete with the exception of the Bourne Hill junction where resurfacing will take place once work on a gas main by a utility company is complete. We hope to publish a timetable for this work shortly.

A1010 South

Work has recommenced.

Sydney Street / Essex Road

The majority of the work is now complete with lane separators still to be installed at appropriate locations.

Victoria Road

Work on the footways including resurfacing is now complete. Tree planting will soon be scheduled.

Church Street

Work is now substantively complete with some planting to be carried out.

Planned work

A1010 South

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Other bits

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